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Issue 1

September/October 2020

JCCs Connecting Globally Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Before the pandemic, it often felt challenging for some people to understand what happens at JCCs in other parts of the world, but dealing with the same virus has forged new relationships within this global network.

Seeing Past “I’m Sorry”

The absence of a formal apology may be the most powerful way to restore relationships.

(Don’t) Take Me to Church

It is high time we make Canada as great as global stereotypes make us out to be.

My Journey Rediscovering Ashkenazi Food During the Pandemic

So with quarantine’s endless weekend and a desire to try something old, cooking helped me connect to my late grandparents and great-grandparents’ experiences.

A Franco-Israeli Sculptor Finally Gets His Last Wish: Showing His Work to the Masses

Achiam spent his adolescence thinking he would become a farmer until art surged into his life.

ARTS & KVETCH: A Guide for Staying Connected to Jewish Arts and Culture During the Pandemic

These organizations may be of more interest to Toronto readers, but their content can be enjoyed from anywhere.

Forging New Judaic Designs by Repurposing the Past

By working this way, Addison sees potential in what other people might see as trash.

Jewish Magical Realism: An interview with Zvi Suchet

Of all the texts for the world’s religions, I think that the Torah presents the most complex symbolism. It is an impossibly rich, never-ending source of inspiration

Energizing Our Environments: How Shoresh (Re)introduces Eco-Awareness and Sustainability to Toronto’s Jewish Community

Like the rings of trees, Shoresh grows concentrically. For the past twelve years they have and continue to grow from, around, and through a centre rooted in awareness.

The “Gross, but Great and Powerful” Schmutz: An interview with Jess Goldman

No chapter ends resolutely, mirroring the journey we all go on as we explore our identities.


You come in a box, I come in a smile, I’m thinking about prosciutto.


or take-out aluminum containers / their reflective beauty subsiding

A Dance by Fradel Shtok: Stage Adaptation

Oy, I wish I was already home and warm.

This is Not The Road

laying down my head for bed my thoughts whir / And again in dreams I see the ladder

A DNA test can be routine pleasantries or ceremonial engagements

Each work is informed by the organized chaos of collections and the aesthetics of tangential narratives, restlessness and layering

Aaron Koster

It was a strict, boring, no nonsense environment, and my brothers and I were all about nonsense.

Dion Futerman

Rosh Hashanah is the day that commemorates the creation of the world and is described as the “coronation” of Hashem.

Aaron Rotenberg

I overlay many images from my personal life with words and symbols from the Hebrew language to provide jumping-off points for rediscovering inspiration in Judaism.