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About us

Niv (which means expression in Hebrew) is an independent, not-for-profit online magazine, focusing on Jewish culture and creative work in Canada and abroad. Niv fosters a platform for the Jewish perspective, in all its diverse, pluralistic, and ever-changing forms of expression.

Niv co-founders Orly Zebak and Clarrie Feinstein both met at the University of Toronto’s theatre program in 2015 and would often discuss how the diversity in Jewish culture, in regards to identity and experiences, wasn’t represented in Jewish and non-Jewish spaces.

Orly is a writer, editor and multi-disciplinary artist.

Clarrie is a writer and journalist whose work focuses on giving a voice to the voiceless and is an advocate for the freedom of the press.

With their combined experiences they decided to start a magazine that uses their artistic and journalistic skills to bring together the Jewish community they always wanted to have.  In September 2020, the first issue of Niv launched.

Niv is the only Jewish culture magazine in Canada and is entirely volunteer-run.