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Issue 20

Winter 2023

Canada’s Troubling History with Nazism

How sad would our fathers and grandfathers who fought in the war be if they were to see these monuments still around in 2023, knowing these war criminals are being honoured on a daily basis. 

There Are No Words

We are here in search of God’s comfort and guidance. When you kill one Jew, you injure the Jewish heart. And we are here to nurse our wounded heart together.”

Mac and Cheese Fritters

These Mac and Cheese Fritters combine two Hanukkah traditions—fried and dairy foods—for a fun holiday appetizer or snack.

Celebrate Shabbat with Adeena Sussman

For me, the perfect Shabbat meal is the one that you have the time, the resources, the energy, and the budget for. 

ARTS & KVETCH: Hanukkah & Hope

I’ve been writing the Arts & Kvetch column since Niv first launched in September 2020 and the Jewish community has never felt so divided.

Having Fun with Hanukkah

I love Hanukkah for the blend of old and new traditions and the chance to make new memories. Crafting, music, decorating, cooking and quality time with family and friends.

ARC Ensemble Lifts the Veil on the Lost Jewish Composers

For the last 20 years, the ARC Ensemble has devoted most of its energy and resources to the exploration of music that was sidelined by war and exile.

Conversations of the North

Though these were much more than journals; they were a writing and rewriting chronicling my family’s journey from the ports to Odessa to Krugerdorf.

Nona Gold Welcomes in Hanukkah

Finding redemption through Hanukkah.

How Are You Feeling?

I haven’t looked at my kids and not thought of those killed, left orphaned or kidnapped. I can’t go an hour without feeling immense pain.

A Quest

There is no poetry in bed rest / No romance in the hard work of taking / care of a body / that does not take care of you back

The Signs Get Resolute

The signs have spoken: your new year's resolutions are in! Ring in 2024 with a little help from your friends in the night sky.

The Brighton Beach Bible

I found myself falling back on the text of Exodus, and examining the story anew. I felt connected to it now that I had undergone, what was for me, a massive change in my life

Tea in the Desert

And so the tea in the desert continued in peace and harmony, neither marred by blind hostility nor blessed by an embrace delayed for almost four millennia.

William Kurelek’s Jewish Life in Canada

Kurelek intended Jewish Life in Canada as a gesture across the cultural divide, implicitly demonstrating his open-mindedness toward Canadians of cultural and religious backgrounds different from his own.

Magic Mountain

In many cultures, including Judaism, a mountain is a place where fates are decided, important decisions are made, and truth is discovered.