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Issue 13

March/April 2021

A Toronto Farmers’ Market Gifts Purim Packages and Helps Those in Need

There needs to be systemic change to feed every person who is hungry.

The Only Sephardic Synagogue in Western Canada Keeps Traditions and Customs Alive

Sephardic Jewry has such a broad range of different countries and cultures. Everyone brings their food, culture, and customs.

Don’t Rest on the Laurels of Jews From History

Reality can be a hard pill to swallow and I often find myself longing for the bliss of ignorance.

Repair Our World

If you were raised in a free country such as Canada, you may have a tendency to take it for granted and that is when it can be lost.

Reading Braiding Sweetgrass in a Shmita Year

Even though Indigenous and Jewish communities were worlds apart when their respective traditions formed, they speak of similar values.

Liana Finck Zaps God and Us Into the Light

I am suffering from a God complex and I hold Liana Finck responsible.

Delicious Treats for Purim!

The classic hamantaschen gets a twist, pumpkin empanadas get their due, and a North African Purim bread gets "spicy."

Purim Parties to Remember

No, [I walked in] as a real witch . . . like I said, I went as myself.

A Dancer’s Journey: In Conversation with Miriam Peretz

When Islam was in its fundamental stages and prohibiting dance, the Jewish dancers were the ones preserving the cultural traditions of the region, including dance

Creating Jewish Practice

It is my ancestral right to know and access ritual and prayer as a healing and sustaining tool.

The Timmins Purim Ball

The soiree included a beauty pageant with the crowning of a Queen Esther along with several ladies-in-waiting.

Puzzles to Puzzle: Answers

Explore your holiday and sweet Torah knowledge.

Tending the Mishkan of Your Heart: From the Creative Workshop on the Wisdom of Adar

What is your heart’s desire? What do you long to give and to receive?

Next Year in Jerusalem Collection

Many of the seder plates in this collection emerged from the kiln cracked or broken, and the artist used the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi to repair them.

Puzzles to Puzzle

Explore your holiday and sweet Torah knowledge.

Zeida at the Seder Table

Why was my family’s seders different from most other family’s? My father had a stern, intimidating demeanour.