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Issue 9

June/July 2021

The Legacy of Camp Kadimah

You’re exposed not just to a Jewish experience but also to a Maritimer experience.

Self-Care Tips for Everyone

Through my professional experiences, I have come to recognize there is always room to choose and implement self-care even through challenging circumstances. Therefore, what can you do to work on your own personal self-care?

Finding Truth in Unequivocal Holiness

Being a rabbi and being queer are inextricable pieces of my identity, and to show up in the world embodying one without the other would be dishonest.

The Splendour of Jewish Drag Artists in Canada

The limitless freedom of drag, in terms of gender and looks, and in terms of performance is what drew me to it.

In Conversation with Alvin Rakoff

Persevere, keep doing it, if you’re any good it’s going to come out and it will show.

Revitalizing Yiddish Culture: KlezKanada Bolsters Communal Creativity and Cultural Vitality

I am excited to see all the amazing projects the KlezKanada team has come up with, and the boundless creativity and resourcefulness of a community always willing to learn new things and create together.

Reflecting on Friendship, Fusion, and Food with J-Rob

That’s the positive of doing fusion, you just have to take your favourite parts and find a way to make them work together.

Finding Treasure with Cesario Lavery

We all lose things, and if we feel a part of ourselves has been lost in that losing then what does it mean when somebody finds it, and can they return that part of you to yourself or do they return that part of yourself just by witnessing it.

Stepping Into the Archives: A Curated Look Into Queer Canadian History

Abush connected with Jewish LGBTQ groups around the world, and formed an international movement.

Remaking Edgware with Naakita Feldman-Kiss

It’s about trying to move away from this voyeurism with which we tell history and into how to be person-centred.

Enter a Bloody and Blintzed World with Rebecca Turner

It is our world, just vampires exist and also everyone speaks Yiddish.


We returned to parks and valleys seeking for utopian harmony—Arcadia.

Jess Nora

Jess now has a series of genderless kippot available and makes custom ones so that each client gets a piece that truly speaks to them.


When I wake to a rainbow in my room,I don’t count it as God’s promise...

Pride is the Mood

I collaged in a circle to represent wholeness. When I look at this image, I feel so much tenderness and compassion for my sweet child selves who weren’t able to fully be who they were. This image is my way of honouring the fullness of my identity and the journey of becoming even more ME.