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Issue 8

May/June 2021

Keeping in the Saint John Jewish Tradition

Many were looking for new opportunities, and because Saint John had a port, it was easy to ship out tobacco and other goods.

A Card Spread for the In-Between Days

Think of the cards as a launching off point, allowing the image or description to inspire you rather than limit you.

Jewish Enough

We have enough sources of guilt and shame, and one of my guiding points as a rabbi is to try and eliminate those feelings occurring around Judaism and Jewish practice.

It Can Happen to Anyone: Dispelling the Myths Around Abuse

I no longer have a limited view of who can experience abuse; let’s be clear, it can happen to anyone.

Hidden Legacy: In the Footsteps of the Jews of Sefarad

How was it possible that so many with Jewish ancestry populated the world and few were aware?

Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada Fosters Cultural Awareness and Community Empowerment

For the JHCWC, dialogue is the vehicle by which people aspire to reach their full intellectual and creative potential and to satisfy the range of emotional and psychic needs.

ARTS & KVETCH:Your Screening Guide to the Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Here are the films I recommend getting tickets for at this year’s upcoming TJFF

Unwrapping Sealed with Emily Hazan

My entire dining room was packed with sparkles and glitter, and boxes, and just gift wrap everywhere.

Journey Into Goodness with Katie Goodman

I want to feel inspired by others and give inspiration back to them.

Women Cantors’ Network carves out space in American Jewry

In the last 40 years, the WCN has grown into an international organization of over 250 women (and a few men)

Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company connects with the world and its audience in unprecedented times

It really takes a village to have a top notch Jewish theatre and it’s all about building bridges within and around our community.

Diving (Back) Into The Spiel

The newsletter conjures nostalgia that could make your face scrunch after thinking about a squeamish memory, or make you smile in celebration of one.

Celebrating Five years of FENTSTER with Rachel Miller

Thinking about my family history and my Jewish identity, and having the opportunity and encouragement to do so, was not only informative, but eye-opening.

Celebrating Five Years of FENTSTER with Bernice Eisenstein

It's there for the plucking, it's there for the tripping into.

Celebrating Five Years of FENTSTER with David Kaufman

Evelyn has managed to situate Jewish art and artists within the multicultural fabric of Toronto.

Celebrating Five Years of FENTSTER with Lynne Heller

You don't ignore things, don't plaster, don't cover up, if it's there, then work with it.

Celebrating Five Years of FENTSTER with Founder and Curator Evelyn Tauben

It's about being conceptually accessible, not just physically accessible.

Celebrating Five Years of FENTSTER with Evan Tapper

My hope was that through this figure's silent contemplation on immigration and loss, she was able to connect with anyone walking by at any time.

Bar Mitzvah Boy

There are too many shitty things that happen for me to believe someone’s keeping track of everyone everywhere— except Santa Claus.

I remember

I remember their bodies when I lose my own

Assimilation & Integration

I tucked my yarmulke into my suit pocket