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Issue 21

Spring 2024

ARTS & KVETCH: Spring Musings, Memories, and Mishloach Manot

I hope you’re ready, because the next month or so is chock-full of Jewish arts and culture events.‍

Duality in Every Season: Meditating on Passover and Beyond

You only know what loss is because you’ve loved. You only know what loneliness is because you’ve had friendships. You only know the value of life because there is death.

Are the Oscars Celebrating Jewface?

If non-Jewish actors want to play Jews they must take time to understand the religion and culture, and immerse themselves in the rich, resilient, and beautiful community they’re trying to depict. The answer isn’t putting on a prosthetic nose.

Liana Finck’s Guide to Motherhood Is a Guide for Humanity

Use this guide to help realize or remind yourself that anything you want to do or be, can be possible even if it feels impossible right now. 

Gefilte Fish Poppers

Since the word gefilte actually means stuffed or filled, I decided to stuff the fish into small, sweet peppers.

Belonging in Jewish Literature: In Conversation with Dr. Nora Gold

Jews and non-Jews alike have to understand that Jewish fiction is a truly multilingual body of literature, and that this multilingualism is part of what makes it such a treasure.

Asian American Jews Invite Audiences into Their Lives

The Braid’s goal is always to democratize storytelling. We wanted Asian Jews of every age, stage, and walk of life to share their stories so audiences can get a fuller sense of what it means to be an Asian American Jew. 

For the Love of Yiddish: Queer Yiddish Camp and Rad Yiddish Talk Shop

Yiddish has helped connect my art to my ancestors more tangibly, instead of grasping for stereotyped imaginations of my ancestors.

Two Poems

the petals of anemones, the scales / of fish, dusted with phosphorescent veils, / reflect a starlight not from anywhere.

The Three Faces of Esther

Like Queen Esther, she risked her life by standing up for what she believed in, my Esther stood up to the Nazi soldiers, putting her life in danger stealing food for her children. Her bravery inspires me.

Collage the Haggadah

I am one in a long line of artists who have used the Haggadah as the diving board to plunge into the visual sea.