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Issue 2

October/November 2020

Jewish Day Schools Adapt to the New Normal in the Face of the Pandemic

Before classes began, there was concern in multiple areas: would children find it difficult to wear a face mask for long hours? Would children be able to maintain a safe distance from their peers? Or would their mental health be significantly impacted by the unusual changes to their daily routines?

Celebrating Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She gave us a foot into the door that we must now use. It's for us to decide what we want to do once we're inside. She gave us a sense of belonging that is unique to each of us.

What We Can Learn When Confronting Antisemitism

What would my zadie—who came to this country as a young child fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe—think if I don’t stand up for myself, and my people.

Hope in Absence

I was focused on advocating for empathy when I should have been simply following a story.

A Toronto Artist Invites Us to Bear Witness

I wanted to allow myself to perform and use different practices to show a different face and to not worry if this is beautiful.

ARTS & KVETCH: Enjoy Film and Art from the Comfort of Your Home

The Toronto Jewish Film Festival (TJFF) is one of the best attended Jewish film festivals in the world. With 85 films featured in a typical year, it is also one of the festivals showing the most features—including narrative, documentaries, shorts, and archival screenings.

Explore Five of Toronto’s Oldest Synagogues

the Jewish community had roughly 30 places of worship in Kensington Market ranging from modest shtiblach to buildings like Anshei Minsk

Batsheva and Me

The clothes come from the Upper West Side, might as well be outer space.

Rediscovering my Ashkenazi heritage: pickling in a pandemic

It is not for the faint of heart, unless you have a well-ventilated kitchen.

Maugie Ronsoon’s Midlife Crisis Comes Home

I rested on the grass to feel if the city was still home.


I am the product of the forgotten.

In Our Memories Forever

They are in love, in the army, and in anguish as they struggled in a foreign country.

A DNA test can be routine pleasantries or ceremonial engagements: Part 2

I decided to assemble the sculpture in my backyard to get my documentation, which ultimately turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Mär Martinez

the constant grappling for power remains under the facade.