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Issue 17

Spring 2023

Bene Israel Community Finds a Home in Toronto

We want to maintain our traditions for our children and we want them to know where they come from. It opens your experiences knowing what your background and traditions are, and our customs are very different from other Jewish groups.

Pushing Holocaust Education Forward

If the public is truly knowledgeable about the Holocaust and understands the full weight of what a swastika means, then they’ll understand why Jews’ reactions are so visceral

What Harm Reduction & Passover Have in Common: A Path to Freedom

At this time when we contemplate the concept of freedom, let us also consider what freedom might mean to those who are fighting to free themselves from addiction, as well as the stigma and shame often accompanying it.

The Great Expectations of Ada Aharoni: A Journey from Egypt to Israel

She recalled moving farther and farther away from the harbour and her grandmother becoming smaller and smaller until she disappeared entirely. With Alexandria in their rearview and France on the horizon, Aharoni and the rest of her family still wished to settle in Israel.

ARTS & KVETCH: Film, Lectures, and Art, Oh My

There’s oodles of Jewish film, art, and educational events happening over the next few months, so let’s dive right in.

Favourite Passover Dishes

This was the year my parents told me I hosted the “best seder they’d ever been to.”

Nosh at the J with Michael W. Twitty

We are Ruth and Naomi. We are David and Jonathan. We are the totality of it. God did not make the Adam creature to be alone. And God didn't make mistakes.

The First Musical Haggadah was Not for Jews

Rittangel ransacked Jewish sources for depictions of the ritual world that birthed Jesus and his apostles. He translated the Passover Haggadah to promote the word of God as he understood it.

Elevate to Celebrate with the Haggadah Collective

Everything I create has layers of meaning, intention, and beauty at their core in order to elevate the aesthetic and the experience of your celebrations.

A Peculiar Orangement

I don’t put oranges on my Seder plate. I like tradition and Seders with big families. I’m sorry if that makes me backward or bigoted. I can’t help it. I’m not used to whatever this is. None of this is normal!

Galena Bay Odyssey: Reflections of a Hippie Homesteader

No young woman, especially a rebellious one, wants to admit that she is just like her mother. But in one significant way I was: I did all the cooking.

How to Spot the Signs in Spring

Spring into the season with blooming horoscope proclamations!

Bathroom of the Museum

Even alone, / you have numerous hallows / that perform wonders.