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Issue 10

September/October 2021

A Mother’s Calling to Destigmatize Addiction in the Jewish community

But in the Jewish community there has been a myth that is still around for some people, that Jews inherently aren’t as vulnerable to addiction...

Make Personal Health and Wellness a Priority

We need to be patient and focus on our personal health and well-being in the home stretch.

High Shpilkes: Can Antisemitic Hostility Cost Us the High Holidays?

As I prepare to return to in-person services, my shpilkes is on high.

You’re Invited to The Torah Studio

Torah creates bridges between the biblical and modern world; the studio understands Torah as a core part of Judaism that one can feel personal ownership over.

GUEST EDITOR SERIES: Disability, creativity, and the Jewish people

Now, working from home in a way that is set up for how my body works, I am able to run a small business and work part time as a therapist again.

The Joy to Jewish Cooking with Bonnie Stern

It was the fact that I was helping people that kept me going. It wasn’t just that I loved it.

ARTS & KVETCH: Welcome to 5782!

Happy birthday Niv, and happy New Year!

Leah Laker

Life is beautiful and full of surprises, especially when we celebrate life by the Jewish calendar.

Speedily, and in Our Days

The premise of his installation is based on a projection of North America in the year 2221 when economic and climate collapse have rendered our cities unliveable.

How to Use Those Leftover Rosh Hashanah Apples

Give a teacher an apple. You know they need it after the year they’ve had.

Cassandra Clark

In my work, I often focus on my own spiritual journey.

My Mother Tells the Story of My Birth

Their lives never offered such choices, one of the few things they have in common.

Aaron Koster

Our family attended an orthodox shul in the Bronx that you could clearly see from a back window of our apartment.