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Issue 7

April/May 2021

Small but Mighty: How the Jewish Atlantic Council Supports a Thriving Community in Canada

The number one misconception is people don’t even know there’s Jewish communities here.

LUNAR explores and uplifts Asian-Jewish identities

We wanted to see what niche we could fill in the Jewish community. Our idea was exploring the intersection of Asian and Jewish identities which is a gap in itself.

Capturing an Emotion with Empathy

We do not know who Tereszka was or where she spent the war; all we have is a disconcerting, dissonant image onto which others have projected their interpretations, influenced perhaps by Chim’s sad postwar odyssey.

The Value of Praise Over Thanks

When someone is doing their job, it is words of praise rather than words of thanks that can really elevate them.

Unravelling Jewish Identity and Community with Tattooist and Artist Joey Ramona

They, like their art, are: bold, reflective, and as sure as the smooth lines they draw.

The Unbridled Joy in Rita Winkler’s World and Art

To know Rita Winkler’s world and art is to know unbridled joy.

ARTS & KVETCH: Showering you with art in April

Spring is here, and with it some of my favourite Toronto film festivals.

Scrolling Through Spadina: Bringing Kensington Market’s Jewish History to Life

The tour portrays the community-oriented nature of the Jewish immigrants and how they supported each other.

Jewish Zine Archive: Featuring Matao Dreskin

They tell us to wait as our lives pass us by, hardly touching the surface of what we could become.

Black Cat Judaica

Black Cat Judaica is committed to making high quality textiles for Jewish observance. Our goal is to make hiddur mitzvah accessible to all Jews, regardless of financial status.