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Issue 5

February/March 2021

How the MNJCC Is Bringing Disability Awareness and Inclusion to the Forefront

You need to engage the community with the belief that everyone has something to contribute. . . with fewer or no barriers we’ll have a more diverse and robust community.

Stepping Into Magic: The Story of Two Teachers Taking Their Students on a Magical Ride

they might be the only Jews Ms. Lee’s students ever meet, and they may only be the First Nations we will ever meet.

How We Love

To love another means to give of oneself, to stand up for all people, and to dedicate time, concern and affection.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! (UGH): Natalie Norman's 14 Tips on Love

I once had the most romantic night of my life at Swiss Chalet.

Getting to Know Myself Through Spilling the Tea

When I attempted to share my Sephardic heritage, I was often met with disinterest and sometimes disdain.

Hamantaschen Time

Roll up your sleeves, get out your flour, and let's bake!

Portraits of Love

The lockdown has reminded me that nothing is as powerful as the unconditional love of family.

Between the Suns: A Conversation with Rachel Miller

The wax is going to break, and we're not going to always be strong, but we can get back up.

The New Yentas in Town

For Jewish Queer singles the biggest obstacle is just finding each other

ARTS & KVETCH: Top Jewish Film Picks of 2021

one of the joys of programming is going in with low expectations, watching a submission that I know nothing about, and being blown away.

Keys to the Past

With my zaida's old keys, I explored the drawers of my cultural connections to him

The Inspirational Pomegranate

I slice the fruit in half and use the juice to print on cotton and linen. Once the juice is depleted, I apply paint to the surface and continue to print.

Familiar Strangers

Under the umbrella of a nine-year high school reunion, a Valentine’s date, and a Purim party, former art classmates will re-get to know each other and try to shed the masks of their high school selves.

The Story of Purim with Tante Mordkhe

Narrated by Tante Mordkhe, creators Jess Goldman and Hannah Lewis take you through the story of Purim, under a feminist lens.

Aaron Koster

Through my art I am hoping to understand my Jewishness and my life. What do I believe. What is real, and does it really matter.