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Issue 19

Fall 2023

Canada Has Seen a Drastic Rise in Antisemitism. So Jews Are Taking a Stand

The Canadian experience has been infected by everything we’re seeing around the globe.

Toronto Synagogues Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

My favourite part of this sacred season is the opportunity it grants us for introspection and renewal.

Move Over Margot Robbie. We Need More Natasha Lyonne

I have my heart set on Natasha Lyonne becoming a leading woman—Margot Robbie-level success—on the big screen.

Forgiveness: It's Complicated

This time of year is for more than just apologies and forgiveness. It’s for figuring out what we need, who we want to be, and who we want with us on life’s journey.

The Closer We Are To Cringe

This is the heart of the High Holy Days. Vulnerability and hope. Loving and losing. Showing up, even when it’s hard. Falling down and getting back up, again and again and again.

High Holy Days at the Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives

Located in Montreal, the Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives collects and preserves documentation on all aspects of the Jewish presence in Quebec and Canada, including the historical records of most of the national Jewish organizations that have shaped the present community.

ARTS & KVETCH: What To Do in 5784!

TIFF is the highlight for film fans in Toronto, and there are a number of selections that touch on Jewish subjects and themes.

Nosh with Micah and Buckwheat

These days, my goal is to highlight the things about Judaism that I love and make sure Jewish joy is at the front and centre of everything I do.

There’s Something There, There’s Something Left Behind: A Conversation with Meichen Waxer

My dad has always been a bit cagey talking about his past. I knew he grew up north and when I wanted to go, he’d say, There’s nothing there, there’s nothing left.

Here Are the Top 10 Books of 2023 (So Far)

With the New Year afoot, I gift my literary year in review with the top 10 books I’ve read so far!

Samis Invests in Sephardic History and Research

Given Sam Israel’s own Sephardic heritage and Seattle’s spot on the map as a centre of Sephardic life, funding the archives was a natural fit.

Artistic Perspectives on the High Holy Days

Gates are important in Jewish motifs, whether physically in the city of Jerusalem or metaphorically in prayers and psalms.

Sukkot Tidings

Build a sukkah out of popsicle sticks. Be careful with the hot glue gun.

Painting of the Beard

The beard unfurls off the frame.Constantly in growth, and tirelessin its slow push towards you.