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Issue 18

Summer 2023

Searching for the Sacred on Tinder

The group of undergraduate students laughed but then trained their eyes on me intently; they genuinely wanted to know what my rabbinic take would be on Divine opinions concerning dating apps.

No, I Didn't Go to Jewish Camp

Jewish sleepaway camp holds a powerful mythos and seems as if it’s a rite of passage for any young Jew in North America. I just couldn’t understand why.

Cutting Anew with Iso E. Setel

I'm doing something that's specific but I'm not doing something new because there have always been queer Jews who've been papercutting, there have always been people making these kinds of spaces and finding ways to participate in that conversation and find those resonances and pull them out.

Discussing Sheologies, a Poetry Collection of Jewish Folk Tales

If something feels good on my body or I find myself engaging with a plant in a profound way, I believe that my ancestors worked and felt similar things.

Shabbat Under the Stars

My Shabbat journey is one rooted in exploration.

The Past, Present, and Future of Jewish Summer Camp with Sandra Fox

Camp was used as a way to keep those more “assimilated” Jews connected to their Judaism through these various ideologies.

The Signs Go Camping

You and your star sign are ready to hit the great outdoors. Find out what to except from your friends, enemies, and crushes

Portrait of a Boy on His Second Birthday

You were unreal, a pool of shapes before you entered this world. When you are young, God is old.

Relearning Jewishness in the Poems of Ron Charach

On every side we read about Jews lost to assimilation, but rarely about those who have returned to the faith, after a generation sojourning in a strange land.

Camp Stories: Summers to Remember; Summers to Forget

I always wondered, maybe I should have used less tongue.