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Issue 16

Winter 2022/2023

Jews of the North

Menorahs rise from the ice. Holidays are celebrated in community members’ homes. Jewish legacies are remembered and new ones are forged.

JVS Toronto Celebrates 75 years Helping the Vulnerable Find Employment

Now celebrating its 75th year, JVS Toronto continues supporting community members, following the Jewish tenant of tikkun olam. In 2021, they helped 13,000 individuals find employment.

Developing an Earth-Based Jewish Practice

I want to ensure my Jewish life is aligned and interwoven with ecologies that sustain it.

ARTS & KVETCH: A Very Jewish 2022 Year in Review!

It’s been a while since the last Arts & Kvetch, so let’s catch-up on all the hot topics

Margot Fedoruk Keeps Swimming

I want to embrace more of my culture that I turned away from.

Esmé Shapiro's Enchanting Embrace—Lean Into It

I have found that if I remain open and find ways in my work to feel challenged, excited, and inspired, then that shows up in the work.

Faith’s Flourless Chocolate Berry Cake

A dense and gluten-free chocolate cake with a subtle floral note of rose water and the sweet tang of raspberry jam.

Alberto Hemsi: A Five-Hundred-Year Journey

His music is rooted in Sephardic song, but explored and developed with a particular sophistication and wit.

Laurie Wohl Unweaves the World

At first glance one might think the tapestry resembles an ordinary wall hanging you would find in a home decor store. But upon closer inspection Wohl’s artistry comes alive.

Women+: An Exhibition of How Women Shaped Jewish Life in Ontario

It is up to the women of Toronto to remind those concerned that women now enjoy the franchise and are in line for public office on a merit basis equally with men.

Lily Brown’s Vignettes: A Retrospective Glance at Life in 1930s Toronto

I can still hear the toot toot of the Centre Island Ferry calling me to get on board to carry me home.

Jacob's Ladder

But sometimes you need to pull out the big guns. Turn to the bible to find inspiration and a muse.

Leaving Libya

They were banging at the door. My mother knew our doors were strong but not strong enough.

Valentine Grams: Dating Stories

We were bound to break each others' hearts.

The Diamond and the Kitchen Table

I hate to admit it, but I didn’t like going to synagogue. I loved coming back from it.