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Issue 15

September 2022

Joyce Arthur Continues the Fight for Abortion Rights and Access in Canada

Abortion is a health care procedure so it shouldn't need its own law

Beth Tzedec is Changing the Game for Adult Involvement in Synagogue

If I only come three times a year, why do I pay so much? That shouldn’t be the question people have when wanting to be part of a synagogue.

The Torah of Intersectionality

Intersectionality is about reversing the invisibility of subtle or unseen forms of oppression, and intersectionality is about making space for all human beings to be free.

Modah Ani

I am Jewish. I have always been Jewish. But there is something so special about being Jewish in community.

For Jews, Life Begins at Birth

For almost 20 years Morgentaler put his career and freedom in jeopardy, knowing he could lose his medical practice and be sentenced to life in prison for protecting a person’s right to choose.

The LGBT Logs

I knew that if I had to give up love for religious reasons, I would not be able to remain religious, as the pain of what Orthodoxy cost me would supersede my love for it.

One Document at a Time: Capturing the History of Jews Helping Immigrants to Canada

We know firsthand what it is like to be the unwanted people, with nowhere safe to land, and so we work to prevent anyone else from facing that same fate.

Nosh with Micah

Serve up this cornmeal cake with spicy olive oil, zesty orange, and sweet corn for the perfect autumn dish!

ARTS & KVETCH: Tamara Podemski’s Hit Show Reservation Dogs Is a Sign of the Times

When you’re excluded from those bigger opportunities, where are you meant to get the experience? Even though you could have the potential to be in a leading role, you need to be working all the time.

Faith’s Rosh Hashanah Recipes

We have never settled on a dessert that has become a family tradition

Digital Preservation at the Ontario Jewish Archives

All the work that goes into preserving records, be they digital or otherwise, is meaningless if the records do not end up being used.

What the Signs have Planned for Fall

Fall in love with what your sign has planned for you this autumn!

Farming the next generation

As a first generation farmer and photographer whose work focuses on the next generation of food producers and cultivators, my farming journeys have taken me across Canada.

Leia Miriam

All three images explore the role of Torah in my life.

Leaving Algeria

To this day Paul Benhamou feels uprooted.

Talia, Dew of Heaven

Without following the important practice of fasting or attending services, I wasn’t sure what Yom Kippur meant anymore.

Safran Foer’s Trachimbrod, Revisted

The past is a broken vase with shards surrounded by dust; I can’t put that dust back together, but I can gather the fragments to better understand the realities that are left.