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Issue 14

May/June 2022

Jews in ALL Hues Fights for Equity and Intersectional Diversity in Jewish Spaces

I want to do more than my heroes while acknowledging we’re standing on their shoulders.

In Times of Crisis Project Kesher Acts

From what I’ve learned in the last eight weeks is that the most important thing we can do to keep people safe from trafficking is give women money.

Ukrainian Jewish Encounter: More Important Than Ever

The Metropolitan sheltered Jews in his residence in Lviv at significant personal risk and arranged for church monasteries to protect well over 100 Jewish children.

A New Home for the LGBTQ+ Jewish Community in Toronto

While it’s beautiful that people created the initiatives needed for the LGBTQ+ Jewish community to thrive, it’s unfortunate that queer Jewish folks did not have the support nor allyship in the wider community until recently.

In Sacred Texts, We Belong

Jewish tradition only thrives when I, and people like me, bring our full selves to the table, ask our questions, and push the tradition a little further along.

The Stories Behind the Parchments

Baking challah goes beyond physical nourishment.

Documenting Toronto’s LGBTQ+ Jewish Community

Although the OJA has made progress in acquiring records from Jewish LGBTQ+ organizations in Toronto, there remain significant gaps.

A Canadian Playwright Celebrates Jewish and Filipino Identities in Award-Winning Play

On the surface the play is about a woman converting but really it’s my love letter to Judaism

The Stories Behind the Parchments

Baking challah goes beyond physical nourishment.

Pride is the Mood

What is the dance between being held and being constricted? How do we find access to rituals of holding that have been held rigidly, that we may have been kept out of.

Dinner and a Movie With My Girlfriend During the U.S. Presidential Impeachment Hearings

I'm desperate to know how the Republicans get out of this one but rather than upset my husband and deal with Claire's hurt feelings, I get out of the car.

Esther Pollak

The pure and deep desire to express and share with others, using my own language, the connection I feel with God, with his creation and with his Torah, is what moves me to create.

Irina Sheynfeld

In my work, I often explore how displacement and migration affect individuals and groups of people, especially women.

Leaving Babylon

The sound of water splashing broke the stillness of the night and was sweet music to our ears.

The Signs as Queer Icons: Nostalgic Characters Edition

There's no time like the present to find out your queer icon star sign (nostalgic edition)!